Slim universal power bank with built-in Lightning, Micro , Type-C and USB


The #IWALK Global #Scorpion8000X is a convenient #8000mAh power bank with four built-in cables: #Lightning cable,#micro #USB cable, #USB-C cable and USB charging cable. With the built-in USB charging cable, the Scorpion X can easily be charged without an additional charging cable.

All built-in output and input cables of the Scorpion X are fitted with pass-through technology, which allows the power bank to be used as a complete charging cable between devices and a charger. Through the pass-through technology, the power bank and up to three devices simultaneously can be charged.

On the front of the Scorpion a status indicator is incorporated, which shows how much power is still available in the power bank. The 8000 mAh power bank is #MFI #certified and ideal for charging #iOS devices.

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