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I needed a new portable powerbank since I missed the old one that I had and I was attracted by the features of this product and, above all, by the presence of integrated cables I opted for this iWalk battery; I must say that I am very happy with my choice for all the reasons I'm going to expose.

The powerbank comes home in a very cared package that expose all the features of the product in the external part and that allows to see the product inside; in addition to the powerbank, there are two small manuals (in English and Chinese), a warranty seal and a white charging cable.

The product looks very good, with a good look and appear well-assembled. It is fully coated in gray rigid plastic and does not show any external imperfection. It is already shipped with a quarter of charge, approximately.

The use is very simple, as it is obvious that it is, and it is sufficient to connect one of the integrated cables to the smartphone and the process will start automatically.

The main peculiarities of this powerbank are a lot:

- 1000mAh despite the very small size, a bit bigger than a common credit card;

- Two integrated charging cables, one micro-USB and the other lightning, which allow you to avoid carrying extra cables and adapting well to any device.

- Removable support for the devices that keeps them standing during the charging process and is very convenient in some circumstances

- a side hole in order to be able to apply a comfortable lanyard for transport due to the very low weight of the product;

- Possibility of charging additional devices using the USB output and an additional cable

- integrated voice! Function that I discovered later by reading the instruction manual. This is a curious and very nice function and you can turn it off and turn it on holding down the power button for 3 seconds. The voice will guide us, as a secretary (for this reason has the name Secretary), during the us for example when we power up, indicating the charging times and thanking us when we recharge the battery. All this thanks to the integrated small microphone.

I found that the recharge rate with my OnePlus One and my iPhone 6 is really good, thanks to the 2.4A output that suits any device.

There is a blue LED with four notches indicating the battery charge level and is very comfortable.

I am very happy with this purchase and I would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a well done product and of superior quality than the competitors. A compact and quality product with many comfortable features and a little price. Really great.

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