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Lightning Compitable with iPhoneX,iPhone8,iPhone8Plus,iPhone 7;

Type-C for Android/Samsung/LG/Sony  

This portable charger is really small, but dont get tricked due its size, because it charge phone really fast. Quality of product really good, well made product for sure. It comes with nice packaging as well. Highly recommend this item for my friends.This iWalk is perfect.

So, I had a large portable charger previously and it was so heavy to carry around. And then I saw this iWALK small portable charger and thought this is so smart and convenient! First of all, my bad does not weight as heavy as before and secondly, I don’t need have cables as it connects straight to your phone just need to choose a correct plug before buying. There are built in lights that show how much is your power bank charged so you will never be left with dying phone.

This is a great invention.

So small and works so well.

I am very impressed with the packaging, quality, idea and how good this actually is.

I do play A LOT on my iphone, battery getting flat by midday.

I use to use standard power banks or lead to charge it during the day but it wasn't ideal.

I had no idea product like this exist and when my friend recommended this to me I could not resist.

This power bank basically double my battery life.

It's so small I always have it with me in my pocket.

Will be deal on holidays.

I am very surprised how cheap this product is, in my opinion it would sell for much more.

I would price it around £30.

Great product, something I will definitely use every day.

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