Extremely Fast, Efficient ,Portable iWALK Secretary+ Power Bank Review


I have many power banks for travel use and this isn’t the first power bank I have purchased through iWALK nor will it be my last. This bank is more convenient than any other power bank I’ve seen. Boxing is so appealing , Comes with an iPhone adapter to fit over the micro plug in, a micro usb cable in Orange & grey plus the 2 already connected cables which are a type c and another micro plug in.

It has a built in kick stand for your phone which I was blown away with! What a nice touch to something that already over delivers to us. You can prop your phone up while charging and watch a movie or browse the web.

There’s multiple plug ins for charging numerous devices. I’m always shooting photography on the go so I love how I can charge my dslr, go pro & cell phone all at once. It’s crazy to think that with a fast charger you can recharge this power bank in about 7 hrs & I can charge my phone in about 40 minutes. Note with no fast charge adapter it’ll take about 9-10 hrs to charge.

Extremely fast, efficient & portable (not much larger than my 8 plus)
I highly recommend this charger, Iwalk has a great warranty on the product. Q&A guide in the owners manual along with detailed instructions on this device.
Hands down the best power bank I’ve ever purchased and I will again highly recommend this power bank well done !

I have posted many unboxing and demonstrations photos for you to browse.If you found my review helpful please mark so below much thanks and appreciated.

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