IWALK Secretary+ All-in-one Power Bank Using Power Delivery Technology


Smart accessories with compact size , practicability and state-of-the-art technology  become a major trend. All-in- one power bank, everything you desire in a battery. It also provides convenience and highest cost-effective. 

iWALK smart accessories brand has announced a the smallest 10000mah Power Delivery portable charger. iWALK Secretary+ 10000mAh bringing Power delivery /Quick Charge3.0/FCP support, a new design, more practical function , and better experience to customers.

First up is the Quick charge features, compatible with PD/QC/FCP fast charge. The rise of the USB-C is changing smart devices charging in a fascinating way. Power Delivery (PD) charging is basically a fast charging protocol which is making use of the great functionality and universality.

iWALK has keep up with the latest trends. Built in a Type-C port that supports Power Delivery, a Micro USB input port and a regular USB -A port supports QC input. It Charge and Recharge 3x Faster than other power bank. Time for a full recharge is reduced to 3.5 hours thanks to Power Delivery input. You can use this portable power banks to charge your Apple Macbook and switch.

At 0.45 pounds and 4.1 x 2.4 x 0.9  inches, the Secretary+ 10000 PD is small and light enough to fit into bag ,even jeans pocket .As a new 10000mAh credit card sized power bank, it's special designed for your travelling . Much smaller than regular power banks but built in USB -C, Micro USB Cables and Lightning connector. Don't need to worry about bringing additional cables for your Apple or Android devices .

Additionally, Secretary+ is also built in phone stand. The feature is perfect for Drama-lovers.  When your child wants to watch cartoons , even World Cup comes, you will find that it can all come in handy. With hidden phone stand ,it allows you to charge phone while watching video and rest hands.

Thanks to its compact size, high capacity, built in cables and phone stand, Power Delivery and Quick Charge 3.0 support, the iWALK Secretary+ 10000 is the best backup battery you can buy for the price. Now it Selling at 7 stations on Amazon  including USA, United Kingdom and Japan.

IWALK Secretary All-in-one Power Bank Using Power Delivery Technology

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